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Spilling the Beans

Hello my fellow followers, as promised on my prior post I’m introducing you all to my first book ever written, the reason why I drifted away from blogging a while back. As I mentioned on one of my prior posts the motivation to creation of this book was from a young lady who became one of followers then to become a close friend, as we would both share personal experiences along with giving each other advice to giving each other knowledge. She knew I was in a situation where I wanted to share and create but didn’t find a way to set it forward, her being a entrepreneur as well she asked me why don’t you write a book Mona ? She was heaven sent since my mind and train of thought wasn’t on a straight rail. I centered myself and thoughts and went ahead doing research on how to do everything independently without having to hire a photographer, a illustrator, a editor, and a publisher etc.. self teaching = educating is the one thing we all will have to come across in life so don’t be afraid of it and take it head on and with an open cleared mindset always would be My advice to you all. The name spilling the beans came from the metaphor of me telling my recipe secrets, not only to those friends and family members who always would ask me for my recipe of whatever I would prepare weather i was hosting in my house or bringing a dish to an event. I would never give away my recipe to anything I’ve made until the making of this book. In this book you’ll find my second to first most best well kept recipes from many cultural dishes and meal courses, especially from my Hispanic culture of Puerto Rico sharing many old fashioned recipes that were created by my ancestors. That alone made this book reach five stars within the first week of being published I received several positive feedback and reviews as well. This book was a great accomplishment for me because it’s something I’ve always wanted to do since I can remember and to be quite honest with giving future ideas because of this book I’m considering giving online courses to help others to create their own book from writing transcripts to designing the cover page. But that’ll be all in its proper time with that being said anyone who would be interested please refer to my contact page here on this blog site for more information. Today this book can be found on Google and Amazon simply by typing the books title “SPILLING THE BEANS” or searching my name “RAISA PAGAN TOLLINCHI on either site. Note that both of my books can be found on Amazon kindle and on paperback!


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