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Let’s Eat with Barbara Scott!

Well, my friend’s let’s get straight to the table before the food gets cold. That’s right ladies and gentlemen today we will be exploring a New E-book which just became published July 17th of 2022 written by a lovely lady whom I’m honored to personally know by the name of Ms. Barbara Scott.

Barbara is better known as Yisy to family and friend’s therefore she named her E-book Yisy’s Nook, now everyone who Know’s me and reads my reviews and articles know I am brutally honest at all times, so here it goes, being a two-time five-star Cookbook author myself, I can say honestly say that she named her book perfectly I say this simply not because i know the author but because I know firsthand how difficult it is to name a book, I like the fact that she’s not only opening her best sacred recipes but the fact that she wants her audience to get to know her as those who are close to her that’s a beautiful thing especially for uprising authors as Barbara Scott great and warm form of introduction to the world, I love it!

Now let’s talk what we all love the FOOD! Ms. Scott has chosen to share food that are not only easy to prepare and cook but that isn’t time consuming and tasty as well which is extremely mind-blowing as a cook and book author myself, I can say not too many cooks can accomplish such, and Ms. Scott has given us just that! all in one e-book I also like the fact that her recipes are easy to follow that’s a huge plus. Not to mention the wholesome home cooked meals which are always the best. Another great thing for us is that this e-book is fairly priced for an e-book. Now this e-book is currently available for Kindle readers only however a little birdie did tell me there will be a paperback formatted version coming soon which I’m excited for since i personally like to have the actual book on hand and to add to my book collection i actually want my paperback book of Yisy’s Nook autographed.

For more wholesome food or to simply follow Ms. Scott you can click on the links provided below. Happy Reading and Eating folks! Enjoy..

Yisy’s Nook Kindle E-book

Yisy’s Nook (VIA) TheMonaLisaViews.Com

Contacting/Information – Ms. Barbara Scott


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