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Oh S.N.A.P / EBT

Well ladies and gentlemen here we are again, with some goodies from Amazon. Many don’t know or aren’t aware of the collaboration that Amazon and the Department of children services did to give SNAP clients the opportunity to be able to purchase and enjoy Amazon features All at a low monthly affordable price. Now I’m not trying to sell you guys anything but let me tell you of the good benefits from this, for starters you’ll have access to Amazon’s features such as delivery, and eligible groceries some foods are a bit too pricey compared to your local markets price however if you’re like me and like to save save save then listen up, pushing aside the cons let’s keep focus on the pros of this 1. signing up for Amazon using the SNAP option is the smartest way because the original price for Amazon will be deducted so instead of paying the full price which is about i don’t know $15-20 a month estimated you’ll start your service at $5-6 a month which is an amazing deal 2. the perks again you’ll have access to delivery. groceries which you’ll buy in bulk to save yourself from these high prices now a days without having to go to warehoused stores and pay their high-priced yearly membership 3. you’ll have access to many other Amazon perks such as movies, prime and music all for one very low price yeah no one is going to beat that deal trust me I’ve looked lol. below is a quick link to this great feature ENJOY!

SNAP eligible groceries and free delivery available


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