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Cakes withs Ceci Gallegos

Ceci Gallegos a self-taught at home cake maker that is flooring TikTok along with Facebook and YouTube with her beautiful cakes and treats.

I myself came across of one of Ceci’s lives as i was scrolling through TikTok one evening her live caught my eye so i joined in and six hours later i was wowed watching her i simply enjoyed her live as she spent hours decoration her multiple cake orders all while intenerating with her TikTok followers, baking, answering random questions, singing and a telling a little bit of gossip. As Ceci would call it El Chisme. I learned that in her cake making methods they aren’t any hidden tricks she goes into detail when it comed to tell how she started making cakes down to what she uses to make them as well. Which she does basically every type of cakes for mainly any occasion. Her prices vary obviously by size and by how many layers just s any typical bakery would charge all in which is fair due to her beautiful decorations.

By watching her live along with all the Chicas -y- Chicos / Gals -n- Guys I learned she started baking at home for her family as we all do, then she started making for friends where it then began where she had folks asking her if she would make cakes for them all from word of mouth, she took on the challenge and while after she make it into a fulltime business where she left her job and started working from home. Today she has a growing yet massive number of cliental.

Now what i find so amazing is that Ceci humbly doesn’t make it a secret that she uses boxed cake mix to make her beautiful cakes, who would have ever known had she not make it known. I also learned that Ceci uses tres leches milks / three milks mix to moisten and flavor her cakes now i myself love tres leches cakes but what i find so creatively brilliant is that Ceci uses the liquid mixture on her cakes I’ve never seen that technique used before as a home baker myself.


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