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Querida Madre Mia! (My Dear Mother!)

In an additional chapter of my last personal blog (My Life Froze) here is what I call Madre Mia! It is very difficult to lose a parent especially a Mother at any age but imagine being a young girl? I heard the loud bangs on the door and when I opened a person announced frantically… Continue reading Querida Madre Mia! (My Dear Mother!)

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Siesta Keys Beach Fl. (Review)

  The rumor is that Life’s a beach! So I say why not go to the one that’s rated the #1 beach in the state of Florida in the USA!? So grab your beach bag and let’s go to Siesta keys Beach. I can see why this beach has been continuously holds its title as it’s… Continue reading Siesta Keys Beach Fl. (Review)

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Wahlburgers Orlando Fl (Review)

Wahlburgers restaurant in Orlando Florida, is one of thee best places to get a good quick bite! The moment you walk in it’s spaciously family orientated well maintained area you’ll see it’s decorated walls throughout the restaurant with posters and or signed autographs of one or all of the Wahlburgers brothers. So Once your greeted… Continue reading Wahlburgers Orlando Fl (Review)

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Hilton Hotel Of Downtown Tampa Fl (Review)

Hello again my fellow travelers today I’ll be discussing in terms of review of the Hilton Hotel of Downtown Tampa Florida!! Just as many by now should know I love to travel and explore with that being said let me just jump right it. Well just last weekend I bought some tickets to a really… Continue reading Hilton Hotel Of Downtown Tampa Fl (Review)

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Life froze in May

I think the hardest part of losing someone, isn’t having to say goodbye, but rather having to live without them throughout the rest of your lifetime and forever trying to fill that void of that emptiness that’s left inside your heart when they go. In continuation of my prior blog (The Dark Path) ... Being a… Continue reading Life froze in May

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(FREE) Puerto Rico’s Limber De Coco = Coconut frozen icees (Recipe)

(FREE) Recipe to a Spanish treat

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There’s no better way to start this off but by asking questions.. Do save vacation/travel money all year round just to travel one time out of year for a weekend or just two weeks? Do you love to travel without restrictions? Do you wish to travel with affordability and flexibility? I’m sure everyone answered YES! YES! &… Continue reading Airbnb-Review

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Lace Ultimate Boost Adhesive Backless/strap-less Bra- Review

Hello ladies, It’s the obvious of what I’m ranting about today so I’ll just jump right into it. So I myself needing to wear a strapless bra to accommodate my outfit for an event I was attending, I started my shopping search for the perfect strapless bra having to go to my local Wal-Mart for… Continue reading Lace Ultimate Boost Adhesive Backless/strap-less Bra- Review

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I am my siblings keeper

A introduction of the unknown characters. Who individually had such an impact in my life. In the then and now.

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The Dark Path

They say the true meaning of the path of life is to stay true to yourself, yet always be open to learn, No one saves us but ourselves, that fear limits you and your vision, In our path be beautiful & let us not ask where it leads. And lastly to truly believe that everything that… Continue reading The Dark Path

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Coincidences or not ?

I find it to be ironic that We live in a world that is filled with so much knowledge and intelligence that even yet we are all sometimes just left with mind bobbing questions that no one can answer at times, I don’t know if some of our unanswered questions falls under myths,tales or fictional… Continue reading Coincidences or not ?

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(FREE) Empanada Recipe Puerto Rican style

Free recipe to a easy and fast way to make homemade Puerto Rican Empanadas.

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If you tell you’ll get in trouble!

If you tell you’ll get in trouble! Is one of the many things an abuser(s) will tell their victim(s) in order to not get caught of their Wrong-doings. What a disgusting and horrible mind manipulation and form of misconception of proper behavior of what is expected of a child sexual abusers and or predators use.… Continue reading If you tell you’ll get in trouble!


Not for me but for you

Ever lived or kept in open mind that everything you do in life is to better yourself and or for your family ? I have to an extent in my childhood years which lead to my adulthood goals and accomplishments like I mentioned in my previous blog (September) my mother became very sick after 18… Continue reading Not for me but for you



Just Like every other month in the passing years The month of September comes and goes just as fast as the weather chances. Memories fade with each passing year nevertheless we hold on to only the pinned moments and memories in our minds that are only linked to our hearts and minds. In September I… Continue reading September


The End of a New Beginning

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