LET ME BRAG New eBook Release!

Today is an exciting day for me why? you ask well I just finished submitting and to my surprise I was able to get my eBook published today as well!! YAY!! So let me tell you all about it, my new eBook consists of the steps to build a blogging website and doing affiliate marketing. I named it How to build a blogging & affiliate marketing website It’s available for Kindle users only. I have also posted in one of my prior blog posts on how to get kindle unlimited. The reason why I wrote this eBook is because I see so many courses and blogs even, I see influencers sharing the information on how to but knowing the truths behind what they say I know it’s all not truthful or helpful.

So here is where I decided to write an eBook on the topic so many new bloggers want to know, and even those who want to do affiliate marketing which is something most of us bloggers do anyway for so many reasons. I can say out of experience myself that I Learned how to create my webpage on my own and doing a lot of research and reading lots of misguided courses and articles Which always led me to ask myself why some people give and share misguiding information as if there isn’t enough wealth to go around? I never found the answer to that question. So, in this eBook you’ll find step by step instructions on how to start and where to go from getting a hosting company to a domain name, but I didn’t stop there I went ahead and spoke about themes and configuration which is always something that everyone seems to forget to share. In this eBook you’re going to find it very useful to begin your website and confident to collaborate with not only one but many affiliate marketing companies. All in efforts to help grow our blogging community and to be able to help my fellow new bloggers grow as one and in the internet world.

IN addition to my now three eBooks and two Paperback Books I will be sharing more of my personal tips and tricks to everything I do in my everyday life. So, stay tuned folks this is just the beginning of this journey as a writer.


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