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New eBook release Review and more

I know it seems as i was just bragging few weeks ago about my new eBook How to Build a blogging & affiliate Marketing website A step by step guide that is available on Amazons Kindle. Don’t have Kindle? No worries! click on the following link for your chance to get FREE Unlimited Kindle. Now that we have that out the way let me fill you all in on the details on this new eBook, I’ve always wanted to make write something for children now don’t ask me how i had time on my hands is beyond my own belief anyhow i went ahead and decided to do something for children in the age group of 6 months to kindergarten and i thought about a conversation i have with my children from time to time over language my children are grateful on how we raised them but one thing they wish we had done and that was enforce our Latin cultured language which is Spanish. And there is where it hit me on what type of children’s eBook i needed to do So this book titled ABC in Spanish which is an alphabet eBook it has colorful pictures with translation in Spanish for each letter. which is a great way to teach children from the ages of 6 months – kindergarten ages. This is something i did with my own children, but it was with the English language now my children being young adults they confess to me that they wish i would have taught then Spanish. and knowing what they tell me is so true i today regret that i didn’t and they now have to learn with other more expensive resources. Immediately i kept all the young mothers and new mommies out in the world and didn’t want them to regret the same i did there is where the motivation for writing this eBook came about. I am thinking of making it on paperback edition as well because i truly believe this book is a great eBook to teach and I’m not only saying that because it’s my eBook but i did my homework and i don’t see many eBooks like ABC in Spanish I placed it at an affordable price as well. And if you already have Unlimited Kindle then you’re in luck because ABC in Spanish is FREE! to read!

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