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June 1st – November 30th is hurricane season well known to those who live in or near florida and anywhere near any coastal areas around in the United States. Most people in florida don’t take hurricanes serious enough i say it could all well be a mixture of their anxieties and or pure foolishness especially when they don’t take it serious enough and have hurricane parties now don’t get me wrong i live young wild and free but after i do what’s responsible first making sure my family and friends are safe! Then we can relax and party for a bit yet always responsibly i say. There always have to be a route escape on hand because you just don’t play around with mother nature.

Having to experience a hurricane many times myself up front close and personal i still respect them same way i respect a car a car can kill you instantly in a blink of an eye so why play with it as if your untouchable? Same thing with a hurricane and any that can be extremely dangerous and deadly. A few years back in 2016 i experienced hurricane Matthew i even drove to Daytona beach to see it and yes it was beautiful looking at it from the shore.

Hurricane Matthew 2016 Florida

At the tie i lived where the outer bands of the storm where the yellow and orange meet those colors signify the amount and strengths of rain that the storm will pour including the windshear speeds. For Hurricane Matthew i felt the heavy gusty winds and rain downpours and i got to witness the damage it caused which wasn’t catastrophic, but it was enough to break hearts when some of my neighbors had a tree fall inside their home. We even experienced having no lights for some days which made it a challenge to live day by day as normal the shortage4s of water were mind blowing even before the storm got to florida.

Back in 2020 i got the chance to chase Hurricane Laura when it landed in Louisiana it took me 13 hours to drive from florida to Louisiana it was quite exciting to say the least i was driving towards the storm alongside the utility trucks from other states that were heading towards to be ready to assist when Hurricane Laura landed. The opposite side of the road there were thousands of cars, trucks, RVs of families evacuating Louisiana we got to hotel, and it was wild as you can hear the windows wanting to bust open and when you hear the whistles of the winds and the rain hitting everything and the transformers blowing up one by one as the locals lights go out one by one including yours and the flicking lights it’s definitely like a horror movie. leaving Louisiana was sad seeing the ponds and lakes of water made overnight the people scrambling to get more supplies and to try to get back to their homes seeing the trees blocking everyone on the highway even i had to find a different route to come back to florida it took me 16 hours to get back apose to the 13 hours it took me to get into Louisianna even when i went into New Orleans it was so empty like a ghost town.

Hurricane Laura 2020 Louisiana

For more information about your current weather and or hurricanes plus more weather related i always refer and trust the National Hurricane Center. STAY SAFE

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