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How to prepare a Menu list for any occasion

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Mona’s Party Remix

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October Deals


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Cakes withs Ceci Gallegos

Learning to bake with Ceci

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Arroz blanco Puerto Rican style

How to cook Puerto Rican white rice / Arroz blanco

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Jackie the Little Sparkly Panda

A true story of a brave young lady and her resin artwork business

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Ladies we need to talk


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This one is exciting part 2 of Disney’s movies

Welcome back Disney fans are you ready for part two of Disney's upcoming movie list for 2023. I sure you all are so let's get to it. RELEASE DATE TBA November 2023 So what should we expect from this movie? A 17-year-old Asha—an optimist with a sharp wit who cares endlessly about her community. In a… Continue reading This one is exciting part 2 of Disney’s movies

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24-7 Press release company and its services

If you're not a computer savvy person, then this one is for you, I personally can tell you creating a website, or an online store is very difficult to do I've myself have created website for many years and i can tell you i am still learning daily techniques and all the new updates that… Continue reading 24-7 Press release company and its services

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Website Hosting for One Penny hurry this won’t last

If you haven't heard of this website hosting company named InterServer.Net Then you'll want to read up. As i was hunting for more affiliate programs, for my website I came across this one and I'm quite impressed with its offerings So yes went into research mode here is what i found. For starters this company… Continue reading Website Hosting for One Penny hurry this won’t last

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This blog post is a bit ransom I find myself within my feelings my fellow readers and bloggers, I'm asking myself many questions about the people in world. Lately I've been seeing other people on my social media asking the same thing, which is where is the Love and support from our loved ones? the… Continue reading THE QUESTIONS? THAT MIGHT NEVER BE ANSWERED!

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Silver Glen Springs

Living in the Ocala Forest allows me to explore all it's beautiful hidden gems such as this lovely place called Silver Glen Springs which is a first-magnitude spring and the main attraction of the Silver Glen Springs Recreation Area of Ocala National Forest. Sixty-five million gallons of water a day come out from two spring vents. At the southwest corner of… Continue reading Silver Glen Springs

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One dollar VS Toothpaste If I said it once, I'll say it twice Every one of my followers know I'm the to go gal for deals and steals and great bargains except for One thing which I'm extremely picky over Toothpaste Yup, toothpaste I'll tell you why for starters I am one who enjoys shopping at dollar stores… Continue reading One dollar VS Toothpaste

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Well call me Mona the builder Hello again my dears, today well be chatting about what has become to be somewhat like a new trend or something that has been forced into many families I don't know if it's a good thing or a bad thing, that's hard to decide, I guess. So let me start off by saying this… Continue reading Well call me Mona the builder

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Save your money & stop paying for cable boxes! Okay folks I'm jumping straight into this one as every household around the world I once also used to pay or should i say give away my money to these cable companies to watch my favorite shows throughout the years my cable bill continues to increase, and my service decreased the price every few… Continue reading Save your money & stop paying for cable boxes!


Amazing Amazon Tips and tricks!

Well let’s jump right into the subject who doesn’t like to watch movies with family on movie night or on a rainy Sunday. BUT don’t like the outrageous prices for these networks I know I don’t… Let me show you a way to watch for FREE! so here’s a smart way to do without paying… Continue reading Amazing Amazon Tips and tricks!

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Let’s make MORE money honey!

When I tell you I’m out to MAKE MONEY from every source I’m not kidding, I mean business y’all. I hope you are too and in my mind why wouldn’t you be ? There’s FREE MONEY! Out there, If you’re like me then let’s be friends. Ok so as I’m sure many Americans as myself… Continue reading Let’s make MORE money honey!