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The Collaboration with Head Chef Ms. Elizabeth Perez

Have you ever stopped to think or wonder how Big or small the world is? If your answer is yes, then you already know that the world is actually a small planet and that the people you come across are the biggest beauties of the World.

As many of my followers may already know I was once a Hospice Nurse in Central Florida for a several years and wanted to expand in my other fields of profession all awhile I was working for a privet hospice facility I went ahead and went to a public facility I took on the position of a Cook within this public facility, since I already had experience from working for the board of education in Bridgeport, Connecticut many years prior I was offered the position to work as a nurse however I wanted to maintain my professions expanded as I mentioned When I started My first day in this facilities Kitchen I met a few people who honestly were there for a check they had no passion for what they did for a living, then I met Ms. Elizabeth Perez a Professional in her trade of a Head Chef who was very well disciplined I automatically made a connection with Ms. Perez and highly respected her passion for cooking no matter if it was a simple dessert or a Five course meal.

Years past and i moved on to working in the hospice field where I became an independent Nurse however Ms. Perez and I maintained our friendship and kept in Contact throughout the years, as years continued to past, I retired and couldn’t see myself doing anything So to keep Busy and continue to add more titles to my resume i decided to write a book, It was something that my family and friends would always wanted from me to give my recipes out so i figured if I give to one I must give to all,

I started working on my first cookbook SPILLING THE BEANS and so I started to write endlessly, and that book got published July 22nd of 2019. It became A five star rated Cookbook and my followers simply loved this book and requested more from me knowing I had more recipes up my sleeve. I accepted the challenge and started to pray for a sign to give my audience a bigger and greater Book I didn’t want to write just a simple cookbook as my first one i wanted to give more enjoyable in a sense So i continued to pray I already was feeling so honorably Blessed for the success of my first book that i knew i wanted to add something connected to God because I truly believe that God had made it possible for me to publish a successful book my first time that in my second book i wanted to give him some type of praise I also wanted to share my culture and nationality So I came up with the name The Bible of A Puerto Rican Kitchen Once the name was chosen I randomly bumped into Ms. Perez in our local market I told her about my Idea for a new cookbook and she offered to help If needed later that day I sent her a message and there is where it all started. We both collaborated for months I got to get to know Elizabeth even better.

Ms. Elizabeth Perez Parent’s used to love to cook and there is where she got her passion for food from, she also hides a hidden talent of drawing free Handly and this is nothing compared to her other hobby that is just as beautiful as she is Ms. Perez loves Photography, as I discovered this, I decided to ask Elizabeth to take the pictures for our project and making of The Bible of a Puerto Rixan Kitchen being the amazing person that she is She accepted the challenge without fear that the world was going to have their eyes on her. She has contributed even a few of her own delicious recipes in this book as well. This book was published January 3rd of 2020 and has become a five-star rated book! This book has everything from breakfast lunch dinner and even dessert recipes including alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages and it even has a kid friendly section and much more it also has many cultured recipes, so your cooking experience isn’t going to get boring, and you can wow your family and friends when you serve these meals. Below I have added some of the photos of the recipes that are featured on this book and Ms. Perez has contributed to the book which also has a testimony about her as well. Also, Below I have added the direct links to get your copy of both books. Enjoy and remember those around you are the beauties of your World. Stay Blessed!

A Bit of History of

Ms. Elizabeth Perez


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