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Cakes withs Ceci Gallegos

Learning to bake with Ceci

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New eBook release Review and more

ABC in Spanish I know it seems as i was just bragging few weeks ago about my new eBook How to Build a blogging & affiliate Marketing website A step by step guide that is available on Amazons Kindle. Don't have Kindle? No worries! click on the following link for your chance to get FREE… Continue reading New eBook release Review and more

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The beginning of what finished?

part 2

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This blog post is a bit ransom I find myself within my feelings my fellow readers and bloggers, I'm asking myself many questions about the people in world. Lately I've been seeing other people on my social media asking the same thing, which is where is the Love and support from our loved ones? the… Continue reading THE QUESTIONS? THAT MIGHT NEVER BE ANSWERED!

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Upcoming Book Leak

The time has come for a leak of my upcoming book titled Bing Bina which is soon to be published so make sure to stay tuned for a release date. BingBina is a short biography of the life I lived as a small child it goes into vivid detail when I experienced Abandonment of a… Continue reading Upcoming Book Leak

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Another Doctor’s appointment So, after my accident back in 2017 my body and health has declined rapidly my energy levels have gone down enormously forcing me to get B-12 shots twice a month from my doctor once my levels were back up at a stabled level, I now take B-12 capsule over the counter at first my… Continue reading Another Doctor’s appointment

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How Volkswagen Saved my life

It was 5 a.m. and the alarm goes off it's time to go to work at the time I was a self-contracted Hospice Care Nurse for one of my prior clients when I used to work for the same facility my client resided in my shift that day was from 6 a.m. - 10 a.m.… Continue reading How Volkswagen Saved my life