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Behavioral issues

Jazmiera Janey

Well, it all goes back to when I was on Facebook trying to gather my followers and trying to expand my career in some type of way having been gone through some major issues in my life including my health shortly after my accident I was mentally emotionally lost I came across this young lady… Continue reading Jazmiera Janey

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Now a days i don't think there isn't a person that doesn't know how to use social media since it has become a new trend in this era as technology continues to grow by the minute the more, we are having to use media as a form of communication or to pass knowledge down I… Continue reading Let’s GROW AND GLOW on TIKTOK!

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The Hustle is Real

Working online and for YOURSELF! As we all login into our social media accounts we are seeing more and more of these independent entrepreneurs, small businesses growing successfully by the minute. Truth is the majority of these people were once in the shoes of many others facing the reality of the economic slowdown situation including… Continue reading The Hustle is Real


Here we are again

Well well Here we are again as my loyal and my followers from day one can see I’m back doing my blogs after three years or so, it’s been while should we catch up ? I.m sure many want to know or are now wondering what happened ? Let me explain…. I left the blog… Continue reading Here we are again