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Hurricane Ian Aftermath

the Aftermath of hurricane Ian

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Have you seen Chiapas Mexico?

Chiapas Mexico Just a while back one of my children took a trip to Chiapas Mexico, I can tell you it was my first time having my child leave my side much less leave the country yes, my child is of an adult age however they never left my side or i there's. overall, i… Continue reading Have you seen Chiapas Mexico?

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What’s your Purpose here

So once upon a time I to was once lost with thousands of questions about the why's things happen to us as human beings in this enormous world. As to why we're being born into the families that were giving or chosen for us I had so many questions about everything and anything that had… Continue reading What’s your Purpose here

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Become an Independent Contractor and start earning today

I've touched this topic before and was able to assist hundreds of people become their own Boss overall helping them be able to earn money at their own time and pace by helping them to being able to pick what job they wanted to do not one that is assigned to them. As many of… Continue reading Become an Independent Contractor and start earning today

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Silver Glen Springs

Living in the Ocala Forest allows me to explore all it's beautiful hidden gems such as this lovely place called Silver Glen Springs which is a first-magnitude spring and the main attraction of the Silver Glen Springs Recreation Area of Ocala National Forest. Sixty-five million gallons of water a day come out from two spring vents. At the southwest corner of… Continue reading Silver Glen Springs

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How Volkswagen Saved my life

It was 5 a.m. and the alarm goes off it's time to go to work at the time I was a self-contracted Hospice Care Nurse for one of my prior clients when I used to work for the same facility my client resided in my shift that day was from 6 a.m. - 10 a.m.… Continue reading How Volkswagen Saved my life

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Now a days i don't think there isn't a person that doesn't know how to use social media since it has become a new trend in this era as technology continues to grow by the minute the more, we are having to use media as a form of communication or to pass knowledge down I… Continue reading Let’s GROW AND GLOW on TIKTOK!

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Siesta Keys Beach Fl. (Review)

  The rumor is that Life’s a beach! So I say why not go to the one that’s rated the #1 beach in the state of Florida in the USA!? So grab your beach bag and let’s go to Siesta keys Beach. I can see why this beach has been continuously holds its title as it’s… Continue reading Siesta Keys Beach Fl. (Review)

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Wahlburgers Orlando Fl (Review)

Wahlburgers restaurant in Orlando Florida, is one of thee best places to get a good quick bite! The moment you walk in it’s spaciously family orientated well maintained area you’ll see it’s decorated walls throughout the restaurant with posters and or signed autographs of one or all of the Wahlburgers brothers. So Once your greeted… Continue reading Wahlburgers Orlando Fl (Review)

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Hilton Hotel Of Downtown Tampa Fl (Review)

Hello again my fellow travelers today I’ll be discussing in terms of review of the Hilton Hotel of Downtown Tampa Florida!! Just as many by now should know I love to travel and explore with that being said let me just jump right it. Well just last weekend I bought some tickets to a really… Continue reading Hilton Hotel Of Downtown Tampa Fl (Review)

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There’s no better way to start this off but by asking questions.. Do save vacation/travel money all year round just to travel one time out of year for a weekend or just two weeks? Do you love to travel without restrictions? Do you wish to travel with affordability and flexibility? I’m sure everyone answered YES! YES! &… Continue reading Airbnb-Review