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Let’s Eat with Barbara Scott! Well, my friend's let's get straight to the table before the food gets cold. That's right ladies and gentlemen today we will be exploring a New E-book which just became published July 17th of 2022 written by a lovely lady whom I'm honored to personally know by the name of Ms. Barbara Scott. Barbara… Continue reading Let’s Eat with Barbara Scott!

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Jackie the Little Sparkly Panda

A true story of a brave young lady and her resin artwork business

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Who doesn’t love jewelry?


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The beginning of what finished?

part 2

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What’s your Purpose here

So once upon a time I to was once lost with thousands of questions about the why's things happen to us as human beings in this enormous world. As to why we're being born into the families that were giving or chosen for us I had so many questions about everything and anything that had… Continue reading What’s your Purpose here