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More of Mrs.Barbara Scott

August 11th, 2022, I published an article called Let's eat with Barbara Scott it was about a new author named Mrs. Barbara Scott that article has been extremely popular which i knew it would be simply because the article was about Her new eBook titled Yisy's Nook it was a firsthand inside look at her… Continue reading More of Mrs.Barbara Scott

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This blog post is a bit ransom I find myself within my feelings my fellow readers and bloggers, I'm asking myself many questions about the people in world. Lately I've been seeing other people on my social media asking the same thing, which is where is the Love and support from our loved ones? the… Continue reading THE QUESTIONS? THAT MIGHT NEVER BE ANSWERED!

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What’s your Purpose here

So once upon a time I to was once lost with thousands of questions about the why's things happen to us as human beings in this enormous world. As to why we're being born into the families that were giving or chosen for us I had so many questions about everything and anything that had… Continue reading What’s your Purpose here

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Become an Independent Contractor and start earning today

I've touched this topic before and was able to assist hundreds of people become their own Boss overall helping them be able to earn money at their own time and pace by helping them to being able to pick what job they wanted to do not one that is assigned to them. As many of… Continue reading Become an Independent Contractor and start earning today

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Silver Glen Springs

Living in the Ocala Forest allows me to explore all it's beautiful hidden gems such as this lovely place called Silver Glen Springs which is a first-magnitude spring and the main attraction of the Silver Glen Springs Recreation Area of Ocala National Forest. Sixty-five million gallons of water a day come out from two spring vents. At the southwest corner of… Continue reading Silver Glen Springs

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Upcoming Book Leak

The time has come for a leak of my upcoming book titled Bing Bina which is soon to be published so make sure to stay tuned for a release date. BingBina is a short biography of the life I lived as a small child it goes into vivid detail when I experienced Abandonment of a… Continue reading Upcoming Book Leak

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Hey, Let’s talk about Hair

So, I'm sure I'm not the only one who now in my forty's am having an issue with my hair. Let me start by saying I've always had extremely long hair since I was a child, that followed me into my teenage years and adulthood with beautiful hair I remember my hair naturally being just… Continue reading Hey, Let’s talk about Hair

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One dollar VS Toothpaste If I said it once, I'll say it twice Every one of my followers know I'm the to go gal for deals and steals and great bargains except for One thing which I'm extremely picky over Toothpaste Yup, toothpaste I'll tell you why for starters I am one who enjoys shopping at dollar stores… Continue reading One dollar VS Toothpaste

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Brazilian Virgin Human Wig

Exclusive DEAL

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Now a days i don't think there isn't a person that doesn't know how to use social media since it has become a new trend in this era as technology continues to grow by the minute the more, we are having to use media as a form of communication or to pass knowledge down I… Continue reading Let’s GROW AND GLOW on TIKTOK!

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The Collaboration with Head Chef Ms. Elizabeth Perez

Have you ever stopped to think or wonder how Big or small the world is? If your answer is yes, then you already know that the world is actually a small planet and that the people you come across are the biggest beauties of the World. As many of my followers may already know I… Continue reading The Collaboration with Head Chef Ms. Elizabeth Perez

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Well call me Mona the builder Hello again my dears, today well be chatting about what has become to be somewhat like a new trend or something that has been forced into many families I don't know if it's a good thing or a bad thing, that's hard to decide, I guess. So let me start off by saying this… Continue reading Well call me Mona the builder

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Let’s make MORE money honey!

When I tell you I’m out to MAKE MONEY from every source I’m not kidding, I mean business y’all. I hope you are too and in my mind why wouldn’t you be ? There’s FREE MONEY! Out there, If you’re like me then let’s be friends. Ok so as I’m sure many Americans as myself… Continue reading Let’s make MORE money honey!

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The Hustle is Real

Working online and for YOURSELF! As we all login into our social media accounts we are seeing more and more of these independent entrepreneurs, small businesses growing successfully by the minute. Truth is the majority of these people were once in the shoes of many others facing the reality of the economic slowdown situation including… Continue reading The Hustle is Real

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As a horrific reminder to some these two past years have been rough for many Americans due to the economic slowdown and to put the icing on the cake the Covid-19 effecting every home and business just in the United States alone. The number of people that have lost their employment to those who are… Continue reading LET’S MAKE MONEY HONEY!


Here we are again

Well well Here we are again as my loyal and my followers from day one can see I’m back doing my blogs after three years or so, it’s been while should we catch up ? I.m sure many want to know or are now wondering what happened ? Let me explain…. I left the blog… Continue reading Here we are again

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Querida Madre Mia! (My Dear Mother!)

In an additional chapter of my last personal blog (My Life Froze) here is what I call Madre Mia! It is very difficult to lose a parent especially a Mother at any age but imagine being a young girl? I heard the loud bangs on the door and when I opened a person announced frantically… Continue reading Querida Madre Mia! (My Dear Mother!)

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Life froze in May

I think the hardest part of losing someone, isn’t having to say goodbye, but rather having to live without them throughout the rest of your lifetime and forever trying to fill that void of that emptiness that’s left inside your heart when they go. In continuation of my prior blog (The Dark Path) ... Being a… Continue reading Life froze in May

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The Dark Path

They say the true meaning of the path of life is to stay true to yourself, yet always be open to learn, No one saves us but ourselves, that fear limits you and your vision, In our path be beautiful & let us not ask where it leads. And lastly to truly believe that everything that… Continue reading The Dark Path


Not for me but for you

Ever lived or kept in open mind that everything you do in life is to better yourself and or for your family ? I have to an extent in my childhood years which lead to my adulthood goals and accomplishments like I mentioned in my previous blog (September) my mother became very sick after 18… Continue reading Not for me but for you