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Thanksgiving left-over

Thanksgiving was a hit everyone enjoyed their meal and if you’re like me and always make more food than less than you’re most likely to have some type of leftovers even after your guests had plates to go. which is a good thing so let’s get to it!

So, the most famous sandwich after thanksgiving is the great turkey sandwich you can always add some cranberry sauce and boom your sandwich will taste just like the fire sub house turkey sandwich.

You can also take your stuffing and make waffles for breakfast just add some turkey and cranberry and Wa-La

What about turkey lasagna just layer all your leftovers and poof you have thanksgiving lasagna.


The possibilities are endless just use your imagination and your family won’t mind eating leftovers. For more recipes refer to my books AVAILABLE NOW! on paperback and kindle. Don’t haven kindle no worries FREE UNLIMITED KINDLE. For my DEAL OF THE DAYBLACK FRIDAY MONTH SALES Most products are EBT/SNAP ELIGIBLE


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