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(FREE) Empanada Recipe Puerto Rican style

If you love some good wholesome stomach filling food made easy and fast, then Look out for many other food recipes I have in store. This one right here is a cultural treat from my roots of Puerto Rico this meat filled pastry can be served as a snack or appetizer even a meal served with other Spanish dishes which Will be posted in further blogs stay tuned.

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  • Any brand name of flour frozen discs I prefer the Goya brand, you can find in any frozen section in any supermarket. They come in packages of 10 and 20. You buy to your serving needs.
  • You will need ground meat depending on how much you will serve about two lbs. will give just enough to make 20 discs two packs of discs keep in mind you don’t want to be stingy to fill your empanadas.
  • You will need Two tablespoons of Goya’s adobo or any all-purpose seasoning I prefer and use adobo a Goya product this you can also season to your liking of taste.
  • You will need two single packets of Sazon also a Goya product this can also be found in any supermarket in the Spanish food isle. This is to give your food color and a light taste of anchote which is a Spanish seasoning.
  • You will need about 2- 2-1/2 tablespoons of garlic and onion power season to your liking of taste.
  • You will need sofrito a frozen seasoning also a Goya product about 3 large tablespoons for two lbs. of ground meat only.
  • Opinional One medium sized white Potatoe, one small white onion, half of a red and green pepper, half a lbs of yellow American cheese sliced thin.
  • You will need one cup of cooking oil

Preparation. 30 mins / 2 per serving

In a medium sized pot, you will cook your two lbs. of ground meat until brown while it’s cooking you will add all your seasonings. At this point you can also add your very fine diced potatoes, peppers and onions. While that simmering you will open and set up your unfrozen discs package(s) and sort out one by one as your ground meat is already cooked with a table spoon you will fill each disc with the ground meat in the center of each disc adding one slice of cheese or to your liking (optional) once filled you will fold your disc from one round edge to another. Once that is closed you will take a fork and from one round edge to another you will press together. Repeat until you have no more disc to close. In a big frying pan you will fill with cooking oil set in medium heat when warm you will add your empanadas to fry, you will fry these on each side for about 4-6 minutes or golden-brown set aside until cooled then serve and enjoy.

¡Bien Provecho!


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