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Homemade Sofrito

Ever wonder that green sauce condiment Puerto Rican people add on their food? Ever heard the word Sofrito and wondered what it is? I’ll tell you the great secret to what this green sauce called sofrito is. It’s a mixture of vegetables combined to make a sauce like that people use to add to their foods while prepping or while seasoning. And you wonder how it taste and smells I’ll tell you like heavens garden. So, let’s get to it!


  • Onions
  • cubanlle peppers
  • garlic
  • cilanrto
  • ajices dulces
  • culantro
  • tomatoes
  • red and green peppers


  • wash and clean all with cold water
  • Cut all into quarter sized pieces
  • place into a bowl mix together
  • add into a processor or blender and blend until pureed add a bit water if needed to make a bit liquidity
  • pour into container and freeze.

Using only a teaspoon or two when seasoning foods. Or adding to other dishes follow my other recipes on website

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