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Graham cracker Pumpkin pie

Yes, you read correctly i said graham cracker pumpkin pie look listen my dear readers and followers i like to cook and bake in my kitchen however i love to spend time with family and friends while hosting so i came up with this easy and quick recipe that everyone seems to be pleased with so I’m sure your guests and family will also enjoy. Let’s get to it!



  • Graham cracker crumbs: simply process the crackers until you have fine crumbs. It’s important that they are finely crushed, so using a food processor is key. It will ensure an even crust that can be easily patted on a pie pan. If you don’t have one, you can use a rolling pin, put the crackers in a large Ziploc bag (or directly on the counter but make sure there’s a lot of space) and roll them until you crush them completely and you have a fine mixture. It will take some time, but it can be achieved.
  • Melted butter: the crumbs are mixed with the butter and the result should be like wet sand. This is the extent of the crust. Two ingredients that you stir together and pat on the pan. Super easy, right?
  • 3. mix all ingredients together
  • pour mix into pie crust pan and bake 350 degrees F. 1 hour or until golden brown
  • remove from oven let chill
  • can be served hot or cold before serving add whipped cream sprinkle cinnamon if desired to decor. enjoy!

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