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Jackie the Little Sparkly Panda

Meet Jackie Garza, Born September 4th, 1984. In El Paso Texas Raised by her grandparents until she was 14 years of age and had to go live with her mother and her veery young husband she states that wasn’t the wisest decision she had made however she says that she did overcome her obstacles and complete High school she even got a scholarship to a local college but started “hanging out with the wrong crowd”. And ended up losing her scholarship. Jackie was in a dark place in her life until she birthed her son Richard that was when she truly felt loved. even though relations with Richard father weren’t good she made it work Jackie then had a second child her daughter Jazmine, Jackie was ever so happy as motherhood made her complete. However, Jackie and the kids father relation got worst so Jackie went ahead and left with the kids, shortly after Jackie got into some trouble with the law and had to do some time incarcerated where she had time to view her life. She would pray for her release and her children a house big enough to save all the animals no one wanted and a car. Jackie now tells that God granted her everything plus more including an amazing husband who is the love of her life. Whom she met when he was also released out of prison doing a 5-year time sentence and at the time Jackie had just finished doing 4 years herself. They were both just looking for friendships after their time sentences, yet she saw him on Facebook and thought to herself he was cute, and she went ahead and sent him a friend request They have since been together for 8 years now and made it official as they married May 28th.

Jackie has also modeled in Dallas but shortly got out of modeling and mostly did car shows. Jackie has also done a video with a rapper by the name of “Lil Flip” that was featured on MTV called “One in A Million” featuring Oskar G. Jackie has also done promotional modeling and photo shoots for magazines. Until one day where Jackie got a phone call letting her know that her grandfather was sick. She immediately moved to Ranger, Texas. That was the end of my modeling career since there was nothing to model for in a small country town. However, it was the best decision for me because I got to be with my grandpa almost every day until he passed. Jackie states, during that time Jackie then started volunteering at a local store. Jackie says While being there, I noticed that women in the area needed help with stuff for their babies. I kept hearing this voice tell me that i needed to do something about it for days so i was like ok God if this is from you… make it happen. My non-profit There’s Hope started in a broom closet 3 years ago and now we have our own building.

when Jackie’s grandfather passed, she was heartbroken not knowing what to do with herself. This is where Jackie saw someone on TikTok doing resin artwork and she decided to give it a try herself. It has now been one year that Jackie has been doing resin artwork and she absolutely loves it she finds peace as she turns her pain and sorrows into something beautiful. Today Jackie is a happy mother, wife, artist, business owner of Little sparkly panda, a nonprofit founder who’s living her life while trying to make the world a better place for everyone she humbly tells TheMonaLisaViews.Com

Little Sparkly Panda has a following of over 29k and likes over 210.000K TikTok obviously loves her artwork Little Sparkly Panda has an Etsy Shop as well where she sells her artwork.

Little Sparkly Panda · 29.7K Followers
Wife 💍 Mom 🖤 Cat lover 🐈 Resin Artist email-

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