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Hurricane Ian Aftermath

man pouring water from dipper on blue and grey house
man pouring water from dipper on blue and grey house

September 19th, 2022, a tropical disturbance was spotted in the southern Atlantic Ocean that disturbance lasted until September 22nd, 2022. There’s where it was in a low-pressure area storm from 2pm – 11pm that evening. September 23, 2022. 2am, it formed into a tropical depression which lasted until 5pm that evening. Now growing into a storm by 8pm that night, it stood as a storm until September 25th 11pm as it passed near Nicaragua waters. September 26th 2am It continued heading north towards Havana Cuba as a Hurricane 1 at 75 mph within its travel it fluctuated into a hurricane 2 then downgraded back into a category one. On September 27th 2am it landed in Havana Cuba as a category three hurricane at 125 mph Leaving parts of Havana cuba in devastation as it destroyed some towns and property structures. On September 11 am it was off Cuba and into the waters of the Gulf of Mexico. September 28th 2pm it came inland on Florida’s cape coral county as a category four hurricane destroying the smalls towns of Englewood, North Port, Port Charolette, Cleveland, Arcadia and Punta Gorda Florida.

When it reached mid central florida Hurricane Ian then downgraded to a category one as it passed Avon Park florida, Frostproof and Sebring yet it desmangad nearby towns such as Winter Haven, Lake Wales, Poinciana and Kissimmee. As it continued to travel towards Palm Bay florida it downgraded to a storm as it went into the Atlantic Ocean through Merrit Island florida. Hurricane Ian then entered Georgetown in the Carolinas. Hurricane Ian surely died out near South pine North Carolina as a low-pressure storm.

Hurricane Ian left millions in Florida under water and taking many lives which today there are still many unaccounted for as the rescue search continues along with the cleanup. In Raleigh north carolina it also left a mess and caused some damage. Daytona Beach Florida was left in a horrific state. In Tampa Bay Florida it left the bay shores without water even. I myself was affected by hurricane Ian even though it shifted and didn’t pass over me it was 70 miles away from me and one it reached the Atlantic Ocean i did lose power for 24 hours still i feel blessed that matters could have been worst.

It’s a left a tragic loss of millions that were highly effaced by Hurricane Ian.

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