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My primary Dr charged me for a band aide

doctor sitting in front of his desk

The title tells it all ladies and gentlemen and i promise you i can’t even make this up. I don’t know if I’m just cursed by the Doctor God’s or what because if most of you are longtime followers of mine, you’d already know the journey i have been down with doctors if not your more than welcome to catch up by reading Volkswagen that will get you up to date Also you can read HOSPITALS.

So as many know i had to pay my local emergency room a visit not too long ago after my experience there i was released due to leaving i directly went to my Primary care physician since the same day i had an appointment to visit and since the hospital didn’t take care of all my medical needs that day i figure, I’d go to my primary care physician, please keep in mind i just had a small procedure done less than an hour ago i arrived and was told i couldn’t see the Doctor today since my insurance wouldn’t cover two visits in one day . So, i said ok since I’m here let me make a follow up appointment which i would need anyway. As i walked to my car i thought what if something happened to me wouldn’t the staff and doctors come out to attend to me? i just figured it was silly and understood it wasn’t the clinics fault but now my health care insurance company that I’d have to take that on with.

Two days pass and it’s my appointment date i wake up super early even though that night i didn’t get much sleep since i was dealing with the discomfort of my procedure I arrive at my primary care physician’s office and sign in i asked the secretary how many people before me to see that one doctor she replied one, but they aren’t here yet ok wonderful i thought have a seat she tells me. I knew i couldn’t sit down because of my procedure so i stood up minutes later my knees started to wiggle, and my lower spine started to become irritated i got the sweats and the chills my stomachs intestines started to rumble then i knew i had to use the restroom after using the restroom twice within less than five minutes apart i ask the secretary if there’s any way, she can get him (my doctor) to see me sooner? She replied why? Here’s where i had to get personal with her and explain to her my situation i have a boil (skin abscess0 which just started leaking like an active volcano i have weak intestines due to my car accident and I took some antibiotic that now has left me completely unable to control my own bowels.

After getting personal with her in front of the entire waiting room she checks the paperwork of when i signed in and said oh triage is calling you next. In other words, you still have to wait okay no problem. i stand by the door to triage and wait my turn surely my name was called and i go in to get my vitals checked out i was then sent to room number eight to wait for the doctor during my wait in my room i had to go use the restroom twice one hour passed two hours passed three hours passed and I’m just laying down on the examination table trying to not focus on my health matters by that i mean pain and discomfort finally the doctor walks in hi how are you hello doctor well this is what’s happening i examined to him everything detail by detail of what i have been though since two days ago when i went to the emergency room before i was even finished he cuts me off and goes to attend to my skin abscess – boil pulls the string places a band aide and tells me to continue the medication i was told by my gastroenterolist had just discontinue the day before since it was causing me a bacterial infection which was another reason for my visit with him today.

At this point i was feeling bamboozled and not one bit of upset since this is not the first time this doctor has taken my health as a joke or just a paycheck. As i get ready to walk out the door to now leave his assistant walks in giving me the doctors’ orders paper as she tells me keep taking the meds you are on, and he wants to see you i one week she was going to keep saying something but i had to stop her as I’m now walking out the room and she held the door. i told her i can’t and won’t continue to take the meds i was ordered by my gastroenterologist to discontinue taking this medication because it has caused me to lose all control of my intestines reason i can’t stop going to the restroom and i came in here for issue number 1 – issue number 2 and issue number 3 he only attended to my skin abscess placed a band aide i could have done this at home and in addition he walked out the door with helping me with everything else I’m not coming back and i continued to walk out. Now what gets me is that i waited three hours for just a band aide this is a story I’m definitely sharing as a horror story. My thing is after i expressed to the nurse what had happened, she stood quite while i explained and her face showed a bit of embarrassment and maybe a bit of concern who knows but once i left i did not get one call nor the next day not even from the doctor because i am sure that she told him being that she was his right-hand nurse. It saddens me that none of the two who are devoted to wake up every morning to work with sick people aren’t serious or compassionate of their client’s health This office has proven to me that they just don’t care. And that’s ok because i stopped caring as well and decided to go ahead and change my primary health care physician. Now i know many are wondering how much this visit was worth i got charged $278 in which att his point i want to call my insurance and dispute this bill. And i promise folks if i feel better health wise i will most definitely start that process because it’s just plane robbery. So, if you are dealing or come across a situation where you don’t know what to do remember you have patient rights. Stay Well

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