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Hello again folks Well today I’ll be giving my TikTok motto it’s true definition. Let me explain when i started TikTok my goal was to become viral one day but then again who doesn’t want that right? Anyhow i didn’t become viral and that’s fine, but i always showed support to all my followers and if your one of them you’ll know i always watch the entire video and when not busy i’ll watch three if your content is interesting I’ll do more and like share and always comment to every single one I’ll even say my own motto to make myself unique from the rest with a SHOWING LOVE HOPE TO SEE YOU DO THE SAME if not a simple SHOWING LOVE comment, if you are a new follower you’ll know that I’ll comment with TY FOR THE FOLLOW LET’S GROW & GLOW!

And unlike many on TikTok i actually mean what i say and do what i say for many reasons let me explain.

I came to notice that TikTok is truly like no other platform when it comes to social media where it is truly a place where the average joe or jane can grow and glow as an individual or as a small business whatever it may be but there is a trick to glowing and growing what is it? Well, it’s quite simple my friends if you don’t have endless hours to spend on TikTok engaging and entertaining your followers like most people i know then there is where plan B comes into play keeping in mind that TikTok originally started with allowing Us the people to decide who becomes viral and who doesn’t. Now this is where wanting the best for others besides yourself comes into play if you’re following someone just because you like their content then why not like comment and share every time they come up on your (for you page) = FYP TikTok is literally allowing us to make others go viral and earn income maybe not much at first but it’s a starting goal for many.

Now i can tell you if you friend or follow others weather you like their content or like the person for who they are then go on i urge you to SHOW LOVE to their page your odds of getting that same LOVE back are higher than spending hours making a video to get lucky and get a like never mind a comment or share even from someone who doesn’t follow you or know about what type of person you are apose to the odds of your followers giving you those likes comments and shares. See where I’m getting at here and don’t worry about how many followers you have it’s all about the views to your videos and who’s going to give you those likes you need if your SHOWING LOVE to then yup your followers.

People on TikTok are mature enough to return the love you share on their page, but you have to be on your game and be loyal to your followers i promise you their going to be just as loyal to you. So, with that being said what am i doing in addition to what i already got going on my website, my personal life 1. I’m inviting anyone to follow me I’ll follow back 2. I’ll show love only in return i expect the same otherwise I won’t like comment share and more double tap pop in your lives share those as well folks you must remember that TikTok is a platform for people to collaborate so start Collaborating! Do for others what you expect from them because let’s face it reality that is There is enough money for all of us to make online and on such social media platform s that pay us to create content. It’s pretty simple thing is some people have become selfish and immature to understand the process of how things work.

I have done blog posts of people whom i follow on TikTok such as LaTisha Hill to show my support and to follow my motto LET’S GROW & GLOW So I’ll continue to share these artistic people who need a like comment and share I’ll promote you and you promote me, and we both win at the finish line since it’s not a race between anyone here on TikTok we are all in the same race and different prizes.

If you feel like what i am saying is true and you want to be a part of this growing and glowing party, FOLLOW ME!

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