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Have you seen Chiapas Mexico?

Chiapas Mexico

Just a while back one of my children took a trip to Chiapas Mexico, I can tell you it was my first time having my child leave my side much less leave the country yes, my child is of an adult age however they never left my side or i there’s. overall, i know I’m an overprotective parent i won’t deny and am not ashamed of it. when you have nothing in this world but your children you protect them to the end of your own life. I’ve always advised them to live life to the fullest and explore the world knowing that some of those moments i wouldn’t be able to go along to live the adventure and i am okay with that. but it’s always a nerve-racking moment when our children do depart. nevertheless, i was so excited and happy for my child to take such a trip independently one thing we as parents won’t ever forget are the first emotions and feelings of the moments of any and all experiences with our children, I know many can relate My first emotional moment was when my child was leaving to the airport and hugged me goodbye i placed a mother’s blessing upon my child i believe i was more nervous about my child’s first airplane trip r then what my child was and I’ve been on serval airplane trips before but i knew i raised brave children. My child heads to the airport being early morning and the flight wasn’t departing for a few hours i set my alarm for the time he would be landing at his first destination and i went to sleep. Seven a.m. my child calls me before he took his first flight i guess he was anxious with an hour to flight, i kid the world not i literally tracked his first flight from Orlando Florida to Atlanta Georgia once he made it to his first destination i called him and asked him how he liked the flight since we both have plans to go skydiving, he said exactly what i knew he would say he was ready to jump had he been skydiving i knew he would be okay the rest of the trip because let’s face it we all know curtain heights aren’t for everyone and apparently my child isn’t one of those people who’s afraid of heights.

1st flight from Orlando to Atlanta Georgia

The Latitude was 9500 and the speed was 352 mph at that moment

During the first flight i was so excited and wondering how he was feeling at the moment. especially when the flight kept going higher to its regular Altitude of 35,000 feet above air. I was also happy that my child was experiencing the experience. Soon as they landed in Atlanta Georgia, he then called me to tell me he landed safely even though i already knew lol, Hours later it was now time to take the next flight from Atlanta Georgia to Mexico City. Even though my child didn’t know the exact flight information I worked my magic and got the information about my child’s travel agenda. I call it MBI = Mona’s Bureau of Investigation!

2nd flight from Atlanta Georgia to Mexico City

The Latitude was 36.000 feet high which was over the normal protocoled height of 35,000 for a commercial airline. And the speed was 539 mph

After that flight he landed safely to Mexico City this airport is larger than LAX in Los Angeles. here is where the Mexican cultured fun began for my son, soon as he landed, he needed to get the great tasting food and Americas favorite Tacos.

Keep in mind these Tacos aren’t nothing like the ones we get here in America. Even though they are good but the ones in the country are 100 times better.

After eating Tacos, it was then time for him to catch his last flight heading more south of Mexico.

Mexico City to Tuxtla Gutierrez Airport

This was a route map of where the airplane was going to take. but trust me I did track it as well.

Finally, he landed to his final destination of Tuxtla Gutierrez which is the capital and still had an estimated car ride to the town of Chipas. Soon as he arrived, he was greeted by family and friends he also got to go, and site see and eat more food. The beautiful mountains are simply stunning, the waterfalls and rivers are simply breathtaking.

He also was able to go ride the beautiful roads thought-out the communities of Chiapas.

Chiapas Mexico

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