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What has happened to Hospital and Health care professionals

This is a personal experience and I find myself experiencing unprofessional situations repeatedly in the medical profession and I’m asking myself why?

Many of my followers all ready know I’m dealing with my health matters after my car accident back in 2017 since then I’ve fought to get health insurance and the proper Doctors to get treated for every health issue I’m dealing with. Well that hasn’t been pleasant at all. And it’s been a financial dilemma for me and a burden to those who help me financially. Or so I feel it is. Since the accident my health has extremely declined even though I somewhat overcame my physical issues as far as walking I’ve gotten stronger in that sense now I can walk and a bit more faster then I was able to after the accident since my spine has been fractured badly. I can now chew food even though my jaws have little to none collagen that was shattered in the accident what I’m now dealing with my teeth shifting. Internally that’s another story in itself. Now just the other day I paid a visit to my local hospital’s emergency room for a skin abscess better know as a boil once I arrived I had to sign in using a kiosk now in my opinion if someone goes in the emergency room and is in a server medical situation I personally wouldn’t expect them to able to sign in using a kiosk maybe I’m just a bit old fashioned and am used to going to the desk where a nurse would be wheee you would then sign in and explain to them face to face what’s the reason of your visit. Anyhow I signed in and sat down after a few minutes of wait time I was called the nurse went ahead and began the ER protocol taking my blood pressure blood samples and asking me questions the head doctor walked in and asked me questions as well. Right after i was escorted to a privet room, the room itself was tiny everything was cramped the privacy curtain was broken and the door was needed to be left open since I was told that it was difficult for it to open from the inside I was okay with that at the moment, after waiting half hour or two the head nurse hooks me up to I.V and antibiotics I asked her what are they and why are they being used for? Now this is where it gets good and I promise you I couldn’t make this up the nurses reply was shrugging her shoulders I was in total shock at the same I had someone from registration taking my insurance information not paying mind to the registration personnel.

Once again I asked the nurse what’s the name of the antibiotics and what’s the target of interest she then explained but was mainly babbling along as if she really didn’t know. Feeling hurt and ill I didn’t per-sue the conversation because I knew it wasn’t going to go anywhere. About thirty minutes later I had to get the nurse to come attend to me because one of the liquid antibiotics was making the skin on my arm bubble up where she then immediately got the head Doctor not to mention I begged her prior to try to fix the needle that the intake nurse placed on me it was pinching me and causing me to bruise she ignored my request. Now the head doctor comes in very worried looked at my arm as it was now bubbling up from the pinch of the needle or the medication given to me the doctor immediately discontinued that one antibiotic in all reality knowing which one of the two my body was rejecting. Now once again about an hour or so after I was taken to get a cat scan that went smoothly the technicians weren’t to friendly or mean they were just quite it felt awkward to say the least.

Now once again in my room and four hours later a student nurse walks in asking me what’s going on even though i felt frustrated to repeat my situation once again i Kindy gave him a brief overview as the head doctor shows up and another doctor who introduced himself but i couldn’t really understand what he was saying since he started to prep for my abscess extraction now here is where I’m going to leave you with your mouths dropped to the floor folks the head doctor mentions he needs to get the head female nurse to come in the room to witness goes to the hallway leaving my room door opened while I’m practically naked from the waist down He tells her come inside the room it’ll be fast the head nurse replies No! I don’t want to stand there and look at her ass. and walks away. and he returns into the room i tell him if she doesn’t want to come in the room leave her outside i don’t mind and we are all professions plus i have my own witness here. The doctor agreed for a brief second and closed the and started to now talk though the other Doctor which in the end i realize he was just an intern seconds later the head nurse walks in and stands by the wall the student nurse went ahead and placed a bed sheet on the doors window to cover and give me privacy.

As their doing their job the head doctor and the intern were embarrassed as to what i don’t know I’m sure they’ve seen someone’s buttocks before the only one who kept professional was the student nurse, I even went ahead and shared one of my own embarrassing experiences when i used to be a hospice nurse to try to ease up the way they were behaving about 10 minutes later it was all done and i was sent home. NOw keep in mind i went to the emergency room with four health matters that needed attention i was only treated for one. six hours later i was frustrated and upset with the treatment i have received and their behaviors where i had rather just got back home which wasn’t a pleasant experience but i did make home safe and sound.

My question is why are these medical facilities still in business? Why hasn’t their administrator’s given attention to the patient’s complaints? And it’s not only hospitals that such behaviors are occurring its doctor offices as well stay tuned for more of my visits and experiences.

And Heres a tip if you experience this ever remember you have the right to change your doctors with your health insurance however with hospital visits, we don’t have that luxury so how can we make it better I say by sharing your experience and making it known to the hospital’s administrator.

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