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What’s wrong with the people of the world?

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The MonaLisa Views

Let me express a bit because it seems like I’m not understanding the people of the world these days or maybe I’m the one who needs to be understood lately I’ve been witnessing a lot of people behaving like an unfortunate child who wasn’t taught not to be jealous of others. Let me tell you folks a short story when i was a little girl i didn’t get to have christmas or birthdays and when christmas vacation was over i would return back to school to see the other children show or speak about the gifts they received I never said a thing and would try to move away from the crowd just so i can spare my own feelings and thoughts as a child myself. I knew we were poor and that some people are able to get such nice things now at the age i was i was a bit bothered by it all but never jealous. Now let’s fast forward to today’s people of the world I see people Non apologetically showing they are jealous of those other people who are able to have nicer things. and i ask myself why do grown people behave like this instead of just being happy for the nest person especially if they are family. Speaking of which why do i see families not want or be happy for their loved one’s success or happiness without trying to ruin what they have accomplished? I just don’t get it am i the only one who enjoys seeing friends and family and total strangers succeed? Did i miss something along these years? have people become so self-centered and selfishly evil that they’ve made this type of behaviors i could understand a child acting in such manner, but adult’s um yeah totally not cool at all big No-no. i could only wish that the worldly manners and behaviors go away, and that people start acting and showing their emotions appropriately i remember telling my children when they were small and very young to act their age not their shoe size and this was told to them when they would do really childish things for the age they were. I think i have to tell that to most adults of the world. Our grandparents who’s passing down the wrong impression to their grandkids and children or so i believe.

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