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Ladies we need to talk

Hello ladies today I’m touching on a topic that we really don’t chat about ever. Our pelvic and how we need to keep that healthy and strong. Now many women know if and when we give vaginal birth multiple times, you’re at risk of losing your muscle on your pelvic, or what happened to me that i had a car accident that caused trama to my pelvic even leakage of my pelvic for me the seatbelt crushed into my lower abdomen smashing my intestines into my lower spine at the time i was in great physical shape internally i was strong basically i was all around fit my career was in Hospice care and so I was lifting bodies like a spatula would flip pancakes Saying it with a sense of humor any way at the time i didn’t know or better described feel any pain besides the rope of internal muscle bruising across my stomach which I’ve had for five years now Well making long story short as i got better with therapy to learn how to take a step again use the restroom normally I’ve became worst my health started to deteriorate which I’ll explain in my subscription posts. I went to many doctors to finally find out that i have a prolapsed bladder among other internal issues. I’ve personally have tried this device while in therapy and i can say it has helped me some i say some because i missed a lot of weeks of therapy due to other personal issues and matters which i will explain in my more personal subscription blogs. Now keep in mind my issues internally where due to a car accident but this is something so common in women and not just women who have birthed naturally, I can say first handedly that this is one part of the women’s body that needs attention and i urge all to go make an appointment with your primary OBGYN to have an annually checkup. and to check out this helpful at home tool that can be used in your daily workout session. STAY HEALTHY LADIES!

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