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Tish’s Whipped Creations

Latisha Hill

Meet Latisha Hill a lovely lady who is owner and founder of Tish’s Whipped Creations She creates beautiful

  • Soaps
  • Creams
  • body scrubs
  • deodorants
  • Body oils
  • shower steamers
  • eyelash serums and MUCH MORE

I personally am a follower of Her’s on the social media app of TikTok even though she has many other forms of media however what caught my eye was a Soap that is molded out to look like Donuts yes i said Donuts! They are the cutest thing ever and the overall prices are AMAZING folks! Not just for my favorite Sprinkled Soap Donuts but for everything she has on her website Latisha started making her whipped creations when she became frustrated with store brand products and multiple cosmetic skin line products and over the counter hair products besides the irritation from having sensitive skin herself the store-bought products didn’t do what she needed them to do which was help with hair growth and nourishment. There’s where she decided to walk into her personal kitchen and started whipping her own products. how cool and amazingly talented is that? Shortly after she decided to share her whipped creations with the world in efforts to provide an opportunity for clearer skin and to provide products that promote a healthy scalp and hair growth. Who doesn’t need all of the above? I for one do since i know when we age our hair becomes thinner and our scalps need more nourishment including our skin. Tish’s products are organic and all natural for all skin types. I believe Latisha focused and is on to something really good here folks to check out Tish’s whipped creations you can go to her website store or if you enjoy watching videos you can follow her on TikTok.

Body butters

scented whipped soap
Black soap shampoo
Strawberry banana whipped Body Butter
moisturizer body soap
luxury body oil
strawberry milkshake scented soap

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