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More of Mrs.Barbara Scott

August 11th, 2022, I published an article called Let’s eat with Barbara Scott it was about a new author named Mrs. Barbara Scott that article has been extremely popular which i knew it would be simply because the article was about Her new eBook titled Yisy’s Nook it was a firsthand inside look at her new eBook. Which was about her passion for food and cooking. Our favorite subject!

So, I’ve been keeping a close eye on the uprising author Mrs. Barbara Scott and I’m glad i did because as many authors can relate Once we start to write and know the way It’s uphill from there and once, us authors get up the hill our creative minds continue to create. And that’s exactly what Mrs. Barbara Scott has been up too ever since her first eBook she has been writing away and most impressively she’s been publishing more Books not any books Hardcover books at that. As a Book Author myself I can tell you publishing a hardcover book is not easy and Mrs. Scott has accomplished what most authors yet have done. Round of applause to Mrs. Scott!

I’m excited to get my hands on all her Books because her Yisy’s Nook eBook was a great one. Mrs. Scott has written books touching many topics I personally love that a person opens up and shares their beautiful mind. She touches topics such as mental health, recipes for the season of fall, notebooks for many uses, inspirational, and journals of prayers, and self-care. Mrs. Scott definitely shared her authors creativity. So, i am here to share all of Mrs. Scotts creativities.

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