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This blog post is a bit ransom I find myself within my feelings my fellow readers and bloggers, I’m asking myself many questions about the people in world. Lately I’ve been seeing other people on my social media asking the same thing, which is where is the Love and support from our loved ones? the one lady on my TikTok got so many views and comments to her video post she was down and saddened that she was trying her best yet no one she knew and was related to would not show her support.

How many of us can relate to this? I can I remember when I was on Facebook many years back just posting nonsense and sharing my most intifada family moments and such I had over 800 followers all in which I knew, and all would give me a heart or a thumbs up for everything I would post coming to look at it that was so hideous lol anyhow everyone seemed so supportive I remember I started a food page about my recipes yet never once sharing them with anyone that was 50/50 of the people who even supported that page I can also recall when I started a group page for crocheters I ended up getting new followers but no support from those who say they supported me. Well let’s fast forward a bit I started my first cookbook and there i literally had to beg my Facebook ”friends & family” to share my new book release I can literally tell you all that I only had 5 People! FIVE PEOPLE! Who actually supported me and my book I was so Upset but didn’t pay no mind I knew my succuss would speak for all my hard work and my hard work wouldn’t go unnoticed. And it hasn’t gladly to say. My first book Spilling the beans made it to five-star ratings within the first week of being published not to mention best seller. I Thank God for that and for giving me the will to do what I didn’t know I was doing at the time that helped my book be shared on so many platforms. Lol yeah, I was lost, as a new book writer and author but I made it. Oh, and thank goodness for Pinterest i gained over 80,000 followers there lol I say there is where I gained all my supporters Within my second week of my first book, I was already working on my second one due to high follower demand here is where the bible of a Puerto Rican kitchen was written and published for this one again I literally had ONLY FIVE supporters and whatever I had on Pinterest and other social media sites.

I decided to go ahead and leave Facebook alone I find it to be a childish site. and I don’t want no part of it personally Now don’t get me wrong it’s a good site for the marketplace but that you can find elsewhere in which I have. Here I share another example i just released another eBook How to build a blogging & affiliate marketing website and I can’t even depend on going to my friends and family to support the cause simply by sharing or even making a purchase because those folks aren’t anywhere to be found and I’m ok with that I take whatever work I do to social media I find it that total strangers are more willing to share a post or even make a purchase in effort to support than someone we know. Which is what I commented on that ladies’ video post on TikTok among the other hundreds of people who had the similar comment as myself. I was wowed to see how many people are dealing with the same thing and feeling the sadness of knowing they too cannot depend on someone they know whether its family or a close friend. Is this the world we live in? Why are some people like this? Do people not like to see others grow and better themselves? I know some people who would say or think they wouldn’t help someone who isn’t trying in life but then their actions will show they wouldn’t help someone who is either. I don’t like to call out people’s cards, but This is true. I went ahead and offered help to this lady on TikTok because at that she was one of my followers even she was grateful. And I was happy to let her know I was here if she needed someone to support her. I try to always remember that the world is turning and it’s turning fast times are getting worst and this is the world that Our children stay with because let’s face it we the generation X and before us will not be here to long What type of world do people want to leave their children behind. I will end this post sharing knowledge and a bit of wisdom I know and believe in a phrase that says.

Your children will today pay for the wrongfulness of their parents.

A wide person once told me that phrase and it didn’t make sense to me at the time but once I became a parent it made all the sense. I guess it’s something we all must learn in our given time. Either way make sure to always show love to one another and to always show support be supportive because it doesn’t cost anything to share a post or share a smile even. 🙂 HAPPY LIFE AND HEALTHY MIND.

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