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Behavioral issues

Jazmiera Janey

Well, it all goes back to when I was on Facebook trying to gather my followers and trying to expand my career in some type of way having been gone through some major issues in my life including my health shortly after my accident I was mentally emotionally lost I came across this young lady by the name of jazmiera Janey we really didn’t have anything in common since we were in two different age groups however she reminded me of myself when I was her age So sweet and very eager to learn more and do more without leaving anyone behind and in top of it all she was a mother just as I once was.

At the time she was so freely and willingly able to assist anyone who she saw needed help online which a great gift is to have. We eventually made an online friendship and helped each other in our paths though talking and giving each other motivational talks and reminds that we can do whatever our minds are put to. At the time she was writing her first book called Playing with the Cards that You’ve Been Dealt: Learning How to Live your Best Life by Using what You’ve Already Been Given I was highly proud of her book explains about life experiences that we all will or have gone through she gives us explanations to the how comes and how to overcome such matters. I personally think this book is brilliant and I’m not just saying because she is someone, I consider to be my friend actually if it had not been for this lovely young lady, I wouldn’t have started my writing and publishing my Cookbooks a childhood dream for me the book has so much to offer young and older folks who find themselves in a limbo as we all can say we’ve been there done that and sometimes go back to that lost feeling or point in our lives This young lady speaks as a motivational speaker and what she speaks aren’t just words from a book but from the heart. You can find her on YouTube I took the time out to share her direct link to her book below. HAPPY READING!

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