stack of dollars and black envelope with banknotes inside
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Become an Independent Contractor and start earning today

stack of dollars and black envelope with banknotes inside

I’ve touched this topic before and was able to assist hundreds of people become their own Boss overall helping them be able to earn money at their own time and pace by helping them to being able to pick what job they wanted to do not one that is assigned to them. As many of my followers know I myself am an independent contractor for a few years now with several companies. But there is one COMPANY I work with more than another why? you ask because of the perks and professionalism, the assignments are easy the pay is good because it’s what you want to earn weather it’s just a small portion or a nice chunk, they do have set amount for each of their assignments but it’s up to you to choose which pay works for you and the assignment as well the assignments consist of doing audits in or around your local area that is also up to you how far you are willing to go close or far. you will have to do your own 1099 form which they also can help you with if needed for your records. You can work as many hours as you please or work for a short time which the assignments normally say they are about 1 hour long but that’s not always the case for the years I’ve been with this company I have never been at a jobsite where it takes longer then 15 minutes if that. What I like about this company is that it is all working from your smart phone you’ll never have unwanted photos on your phone or any data taking up any of your phone’s storage space. So keeping with up with the title guide you through the steps to become an independent contractor today and most importantly start earning today! what you want to do is CLICK HERE once you are directed to the link you will sign up as soon as your all set up with direct deposit identification and what have you not you will then open your maps or list section there you will find a list from your local and worldwide locations where there is an assignment ready to be claimed once you claim your desired assignment you complete the task follow all the directions because this company’s app literally guides you step by step so you can’t complete the assignment wrong plus it’s all using your smart phone weather it’s taking photo audits or answering a few questions. They also give bonuses for travel or just because they feel it’s an out of your way assignment, they’ve asked you to take and again you can decline or accept it’s all up to you they won’t get upset if you decline an assignment. They do rate you from 1-5 so a one is that you’re a beginner and a 4 would be as you’re a reliable person to go to etc. the higher ranking the better chances you’ll get to being offered the top paying assignments before the people who are rated at a 1 or 2. But that’s not important at all that’s just a tip to exceed with this company.

For more details and to sign up now and earn today click on the DIRECT LINK

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