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Upcoming Book Leak

The time has come for a leak of my upcoming book titled Bing Bina which is soon to be published so make sure to stay tuned for a release date. BingBina is a short biography of the life I lived as a small child it goes into vivid detail when I experienced Abandonment of a parent, poverty to having to wear the same clothes daily, Rape from someone I didn’t think would do such a thing, homelessness having to use public restrooms as my personal bathroom, death of a parent, alcohol Abuse, drug abuse, gang interaction, delinquent activities, and so much more all shared in a day to day basis. This is a book that might have an edition of books since what is shared in BingBina is just a short yet unless of life experiences in a chapter of my life when I was a child it doesn’t tell all after becoming a teenager, but that idea is still up in the air I personally am going to wait for the final results of BIngBina when it becomes published. I personally have lots to share with the world about life experiences all leading to overcoming it all.


Is a phrase that speaks volumes and truths and, in the book, BingBina it’s exactly what you’ll get the vivid details in many volumes and truths of life, people. Writing this book has been like bring up a treasure box that’s been in the middle of the ocean and opened to only find the life experiences that made me who I was in my yesterdays and who I am today.

As an author of my own two cookbooks this isn’t a book that hasn’t been in the making for me, I’ve always loved to write So being able to write and publish both my cookbooks I guess I can say that was a test run of what I can really do and just another door opening for me to share something that everyone has been awaiting from me. My most personal moments. To many I have been an Inspiration to which is an honor to hear from someone who I unknowingly helped just with some of my experiences shared and that’s one of my reasons for this book to be able to help and inspire others. in this book and my cookbooks even, I have always said that I want for my Life to be a lesson to others which is another motto of mine to always learn from others mistakes so you won’t have to live through them yourself which is something I learned from those elder folks who taught me.

My cookbooks have been an inspiration for myself even to continue to share the best of me even the horrific moments. This is an exclusive leak of the unexpected from the book BingBina When it becomes publish it will be available on Amazon Kindle and paperback.

If you haven’t got your copy of the best of my recipes, it’s okay I’ve shared my direct links below. Stay tunes for the release date of BingBina! HAPPY READING TO ALL 🙂

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