closeup and selective focus photography of toothbrush with toothpaste
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One dollar VS Toothpaste

If I said it once, I’ll say it twice Every one of my followers know I’m the to go gal for deals and steals and great bargains except for One thing which I’m extremely picky over Toothpaste Yup, toothpaste I’ll tell you why for starters I am one who enjoys shopping at dollar stores they always have cool finds but the one thing to know about these dollar stores is the reason why they sell items at such a low price it’s because they get the item from the manufacture for cents of a dollar why? because every manufacturer no matter the product always has a bad batch / defective products and these companies will not throw away a product simply because it has a misprint for example they will sell to Bargen stores such as our dollar stores for fraction of the price that a name brand store would have to purchase the manufacturers product at full price. So, let’s talk about the defect on these tubes of toothpaste for one the sizes are miniature compared to the brand store name toothpastes even though for the price of $1.00 plus tax it’s not that bad However, did you ever come to think about the paste itself? What ingredients does it have that’s defective? that might harm us since it’s known that when we wash our mouths and brush our teeth, we all consume a pea size of toothpaste after so many washings can you imagine how much poison we are consuming? Which isn’t good for our stomach layers not to mention the infections we can get from something so simple as toothpaste How would we the consumer know what’s the defect? who will tell us when we’re purchasing this toothpaste? Surely not the dollar store since they have to make sales. Otherwise, they’ll be out of business and surely not the manufacturer of toothpaste because they too have to make money for the production of such. Therefore, this is the one main reason why I’m picky when it comes to toothpaste, I rather pay $6 plus for a tube that is sold to a brand store or online knowing the Item doesn’t and shouldn’t have any defects then a Bargen store. And overall let’s keep in mind if we don’t protect ourselves none of these manufacturers or companies aren’t going to keep an eye out for our best interests. HAPPY BRUSHING & HAPPY HEALTH TO ALL!

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