person holding injection

Another Doctor’s appointment

So, after my accident back in 2017 my body and health has declined rapidly my energy levels have gone down enormously forcing me to get B-12 shots twice a month from my doctor once my levels were back up at a stabled level, I now take B-12 capsule over the counter at first my body would decline the solution from the shots itself leaving me more exhausted we still haven’t found out what caused for my body to react in such a way.

Nevertheless, I started taking these B-12 capsules daily and it has giving me the energy that my immune system needs and asks for yes, your body will tell you when you need vitamins and nutrients and mine was telling me the ones, I’m promoting are so far one of my favorites they don’t leave a nasty aftertaste and they aren’t hard to swallow because let’s face it who likes to take pills that are as big as horse pills? I don’t.

As my follower’s know by now, I’m an Affiliate Marketer for Amazon and I sell my Cookbook’s on Amazon as well, So I myself do purchase from them, anyhow with my affiliate Promo code you can also get whatever product at amazing deals. Above I have added the direct link to the B-12 capsules. HAPPY HEALTHY LIFE!


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