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Well call me Mona the builder

small wooden house in countryside

Hello again my dears, today well be chatting about what has become to be somewhat like a new trend or something that has been forced into many families I don’t know if it’s a good thing or a bad thing, that’s hard to decide, I guess. So let me start off by saying this is from one of my affiliate programs I look up what will bring traffic aka views to interested folks Now If you’re my follower you already know I don’t post or speak of anything I wouldn’t try myself or haven’t tried yet so were all safe on that matter. Now let’s start building for the past two years literally since covid I’ve seen all over my media apps hundreds or thousands of families sharing their testimonials on how they’ve chosen to sell their homes toss their mortgages and invest in these tiny homes And they all claim to be the happiest ever.

Just the other day as I was driving out my community to head to the market, I noticed a man in the middle of the road he was cutting the trims on the road’s trees, so I stopped and asked him if he cuts trees since I’m currently looking for someone to do some work on my property, the Man replied No and went on to tell that he just bought a tiny home and that he needs to cut the tree limbs from the main roads so when they deliver it the truck can drive through without any issues, So coming to find out more the man and his wife had just bought land here in my community and along bought a tiny house to place on the property.

Which knowing what I know I can tell you folks they won’t pay much for Property tax which is wonderful to live without having to worry day in and out about how much to pay on taxes and other living necessitates as light and food. I personally was looking into purchasing a modular home but coming to look more into my options I’m considering into these tiny homes for one They are not too pricey which is wonderful for me and they are livable which is the main reason why I want to invest in one to use as another form of income by using it as a bed and breakfast unit, If this is something that might suit you or someone you know I have added the direct link below I ask to please comment like and share this post. Until the next discount folks.

Tiny House Made Easy™

2 thoughts on “Well call me Mona the builder”

  1. What an interesting story. A tiny house would be a little cramped I would think. But then again if they could get my recliner in the door, it might not be too bad! :>)


    1. You’d b surprised with the room size in these tiny homes when the word tiny or small is mentioned we all think of limited space but it’s the other way around I think the word Tiny or small is misinterpreted. Thank you for your comment it’s much appreciated 🙂


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