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Any day Fun day

With everyone’s busy schedules it’s normally difficult to gather everyone and in sit them all in one place at least in my household, but we enjoy spending time together, especially for game night which is normally planned for the day that everyone is off from work or anything else they have going on.

But once we’re all together game night is one enjoyable family moments together so in my home my kiddies are of adult ages, but they still love to have fun and have fun with their siblings, So I’ve come I looked up for what games can we all play as adults and make it fun for everyone.

close up photo of bingo chips

Happy enough that i was able to have all my kiddies at once i went off to purchase this classic game that everyone knows and remembers BINGO! I can’t stress how much fun we all have when we play this game yes, I’d admit we’ve changed the rules a bit but it’s all in honest fun, are you curious to know? Well, we don’t just play regular Bingo! We play for money just like they would in a lounge club or community center but without the drama that comes along with participating in those places, We make the jackpot depending on how much everyone can bid that night so let’s say the cards are $2.00 each then everyone who plays which it’s all of us including our neighbors or local family members and their partners will all add $2.00 in the pot so if there are five people playing then the jackpot would be $10.00 and whoever wins by getting Bingo! gets the $10.00 from the jackpot, We even draw shapes to win a Bingo! So instead of winning with a regular five number including the center you’d have to get Bingo! let’s say the shape of the letter L on the bingo card once you’ve gotten all spaces that cover the letter L shape then that’s when you can call out Bingo! we’ve made multiple shapes for the game to keep it interesting also once someone has won the first round they can decide if the jackpot increases for the next round of Bingo! and if the jackpot increases then that simply means the cards are now $5.00 each one for example everyone wins a hand or two in Bingo is what I normally realized which is great for everyone. For your convenience I’ve added my personal promo link so you can go make a Sunday funday in your home. Enjoy!

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