Amazing Amazon Tips and tricks!

Well let’s jump right into the subject who doesn’t like to watch movies with family on movie night or on a rainy Sunday. BUT don’t like the outrageous prices for these networks I know I don’t… Let me show you a way to watch for FREE! so here’s a smart way to do without paying first follow this link Prime Video Channels free trial subscribe yourself for this FEEE feature sure you’ll have to add all your information and payment info but no worries! Once you start your FREE trail, you’ll get an email three days before your subscription starts with payment, here’s the trick, enjoy your movies while using your FREE TRAIL then once you receive your reminder email unsubscribe instead of paying. What happens after a few things you can always subscribe for another free trail using another email and account, or look for Deals, for example if your receiving SNAP benefits you can subscribe to these Amazon features for $6.00 a month plus tax of course so basically less than $8.00. For more tips and tricks finds and deals subscribe to my blog and happy reading …

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