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Let’s make MORE money honey!

When I tell you I’m out to MAKE MONEY from every source I’m not kidding, I mean business y’all. I hope you are too and in my mind why wouldn’t you be ? There’s FREE MONEY! Out there, If you’re like me then let’s be friends. Ok so as I’m sure many Americans as myself are trying to keep up with this economic boom rising system where unfortunately we’re all becoming sucked in and trapped into with the Gas prices skyrocketing by the day, food prices going up just as fast, the cost of living as in rental prices are ridiculous, myself as a homeowner my yearly taxes have went up by 20% or more within a years time. I don’t know about many and I can just assume that people are working to make ends meat which is expensive meat sarcastically speaking. So if your looking to Save money and earn money all at once well keep reading.

I’m sure many have heard or have the Money earning, money saving app named SHOP-KICK. If you haven’t heard then listen up! Shop-kick is a mobile app that gives you what they call kicks that convert to MONEY!! So every time you walk into your local grocery store such as Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, and so on for walking in a store that you’ll normally go to on a weekly or monthly basis anyways so it’s a win win deal. Shop kick will give you 10 kicks as they call it just for walking in for more kicks you’ll have to do what you already do when walking into your local Walmart for example while walking the isles looking for let’s say for example ( Oscar Myers bacon ) well with shop kick you can scan the barcode of that item and earn more kicks and the best part is that there is no purchase necessary let’s say you just walked in the Walmart to use the restroom or wait for a family member well you can walk the store and scan items and earn kicks.. The purpose of earning kicks is to reach a goal let’s say 1250 kicks = $5 in a form of Money. You can choose how you want to receive your kick earnings by PayPal , or gift cards to Walmart, Amazon, Old Navy, Starbucks, etc etc. One thing I like the most of the gift card option is that you don’t have to wait for it to come in the mail once you claim your earnings it’ll be downloaded to your phone instantly! So you can use immediately. Isn’t that fantastic? But wait it gets better if you purchase any of the items they have on the menu for kicks which keep in mind are all items we use on a daily such as bacon cheese maple syrup etc etc. you’ll also earn more kicks by submitting your receipt! It’ll be a faster way to earn money in which the amounts of money you can earn randomize from $5 to $50.

Now for those who already have shop kick and use it every time they remember or go to the supermarket. Or those still reading DID YOU KNOW ? You can earn kicks from not just one store you can go to multiple stores in one day, Yes it’s true and I do it, if your lucky as I am and have Walmart and Publix or Walgreens all in one plaza or across the street from one another and have time to spare why not or if your like me that actually makes a day just for earning kicks and gift cards. It’s a great way to double or even triple your kicks in one day the more you do the faster you cash out. When I started kicking I sent the link to my boyfriend and we both earned a bonus and since we go shopping together we Kick together as well making the earnings double so within one day We both made $5 dollars making it $10 for one household and it’s adding up fast by the day.

I don’t know about you folks but I get excited when to go get bacon and earn kicks that convert into money just for going to the supermarket and earn more money for purchasing it. It’s like couponing without having to clip coupons! Another great perk is that you can also earn kicks to convert to cash or gift cards without leaving your home you can shop online and still earn. How great is that! For more information click the link below HAPPY SHOPPING TO ALL!

Target gift cards start from $10 and up
PayPal deposits starts at $10 and up
Walmart cards starts at $5 and up
Amazon cards starts at $10 and up

http://Want a free gift card? Sign up with code MALL157144 & we’ll both get a bonus! 🤝

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