The Bible of a Puerto Rican kitchen

If you follow me and read my stuff then you’ll already know i was blessed to Write, edit, and published my very own cookbooks “The Bible of a Puerto Rican kitchen” being my second published book and to be honest the one I’m most proud of, this cookbook is my personal favorite. So let me tell you all about it! As my prior post explained a bit of how I ended up creating a cookbook I’ll give you all a recap, I had already written my first book which I’ll post about later on and by popular demand by my loyal followers and by those folks who know me personally the ones I call my day ones were basically begging for more of my recipes which is what The Bible of a Puerto Rican kitchen is a continuation of all my personal recipes and creations that I’ve mastered throughout my years. But i say don’t believe the hype while in the making of this book i didn’t really give all my most treasured recipes and now the world knows, and before I’m asked Will I ever share my most treasured recipes? The answer is Yes! As to when I’ll decide to share I haven’t though it out yet and it hasn’t been even Crossed my mind yet. So, as I mentioned how my followers and day ones wanted more! Of what I had to share feeling wonderful about the first book I decided to go ahead and take on the challenge, immediately I knew I wanted this book to be better than then the first, so I sat down and planned every step every concept as I did with the first book from the cover to the transcript, fonts, paper type, pictures, title, etc. I also knew I wanted to have a special guest introduced, I looked at my contacts on my phone and called a very good friend of mine by the name of Elizabeth Perez who is a semi-retired Professional Head Master Chef by field, I had met Liz when I resided in Central Florida and when I myself started employment in a Commercial Kitchen for a hospital environment and setting, Liz and I automatically hit it off I admired her passion and dedication and overall her artistic skills and creations, I wondered why she was working in such setting with her talent come to find out in her prior years she was Head Chef for Universal Studios in Orlando Florida, shortly after I had moved on from the employment I held next to her but still stood in close contact with Liz, when I called her to invite her to be a guest on my book I learned that she is also a professional photographer by trade, overall Liz is a women with many professional traits, and so she was of course more than willing to jump aboard, We collaborated daily for many hours sharing each other’s recipes techniques as two Passionate cooks and friends, it was fun! Throughout the entire process we placed God before our work and left our ideas to be placed upon us, rather than us brainstorming for ideas on how and what I was going to present the book was created with our spiritual beliefs. And that was beautiful! Liz challenged herself and gifted me with her photography skills for every page the entire process was amazing, working with Liz side by side once again was heavenly. And within one months’ time The Bible of a Puerto Rican kitchen was ready and had a release date. It became known and favored by many Latinos especially in the island of Puerto Rico many supporters throughout were so proud of this book and of Liz and me. The books contents are many and for All ages the meal courses are from Breakfast to every meal in between to desert followed by alcoholic and nonalcoholic drinks. Today you can have this book in your home as well, by googling my name (RAISA PAGAN TOLLINCHI) or heading to and search the book by my name or the books name. I’ll place the direct link for those who are interested.

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